NCA 35 – Day Trip – Maasai Market Tour

Northern Circuit Adventure TanzaniaBesides its vibrant hospitality, wildlife parks, white-sandy beaches and exotic lodges there is something else synonymous to Tanzanian’s tourism– the Maasai Market. The market goes back to the 1970s when women under self-help groups sold their handicrafts to tourists visiting the country. Eventually, these women were joined by their male counterparts and together, they have sustained the souvenir bazaar in spite of the challenges the market has encountered over the years.

Maasai Market 1

Masai Market:
This only happens on each Thursday’s of the week. Hundreds of Maasai gather together in the open Maasai Market and visitors would get a chance to meet the local people and to see the bargaining of livelihood commodities. It’s an open market that sells freshly grown vegetable and fruits from the local villages, handicrafts, paintings, cattle’s, Maasai clothing, local foods including the famous BBQ, etc. Your guide will even help you to bargain if guest needs to purchase any local stuff from the market.


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